Disability, Arts and Health Conference




This conference aims to reflect critically on how disability is represented and theorised in contemporary society, both in an academic context and outside the academy, including by clinical practitioners, community activists, mainstream media and creative arts practitioners.


Ponentes confirmados:

Robert McRuer (The George Washington University, US); Sita Popat (University of Leeds, UK); Alexa Wright (University of Westminster, UK)

Margrit Shildrick (University of Linköping, Sweden).




1-2 Septiembre 2016



9 Junio

10 Septiembre





Around the


Una casa de muñecas de Henrik Ibsens es la obra de teatro más interpretada del mundo. Esta exposición trata de cómo se representa en el mundo.



9/06 a las 19:00 h.:

Samina Peerzada & Ellen Horn en colaboración con Karin Haugen sobre las mujeres de Ibsens y NORA en Pakistan.


15/06 & 13/07 a las 15:00 h. :

Benedikte Berntsen presenta a esas horas la exposición.

19-21 Mayo 2016

Women and men facing everyday challenges.

Work and life demands in the context of gender



Descripción: Growing and conflicting expectations of modern parenting

Facilitators and barriers in achieving work-life balance

Problems of gender equality at work and at home

Gender stereotyping and career development

Gender perspective on trauma and humiliation

Health and well-being of men and women



Bjørn Hvinden, Livia Oláh, Solveig Bergman, Monika Płatek, Dorota Merecz-Kot, Kari Stefansen, Margunn Bjørnholt, Eleonora Bielawska-Batorowicz, Konrad Rydzyński...

13-15 Septiembre 2017


IV European Geographies of Sexualities Conference

Following the previous Geographies of Sexualities conferences in Brussels (2011), Lisbon (2013) and Rome (2015), the 2017 conference in Barcelona will explore the ways in which sexualities are lived and framed relationally, in intersection with other identities and at a variety of social and spatial scales. This conference will convene scholars, professionals and activists across disciplines and geographical contexts, who hold an interest in co-creating a space for open debate and discussion.

The multiple ways we experience, perceive and tell our sexualities is shaped by our gender, class, ethnicity, origin, age, religion and (dis)abilities, among others. Originally inspired by queer theory, the field of geographies of sexualities has deeply engaged with unpacking the diverse ways we are influenced by and (re)produce social position(alitie)s and categories. In fact as acknowledged by Michael Brown, “there is a steadfast consensus that for geographies of sexuality to be truly queer they cannot focus exclusively on sexuality per se, but must also consider its connections with other dimensions of identity”



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22-24 Agosto 2016

Universidad de Copenhague

Phd. Courses

The goal of this Ph.D. course is to think about how a transformed psychoanalysis belongs in our globally altered world, both inside and outside of our academic institutions.

Deadline for course registration is June 20, 2016.

Deadline for writing submissions is August 1, 2016.

For more information, contact Stephen Dougherty: stephen.d.dougherty@uia.no